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     Ryan here, wedding curator extraordinaire and your soon-to-be life-long best friend. I live for making dreams come true and what better day to help women than on "the big day"? 
     With over 25 years of experience in wedding coordination and design, you're in the best of hands. My 13 years in the funeral industry (a total change of pace am I right?) helped me refine my logistic, timing and organization skills. 30+ years in costuming and scenic and lighting design in theatre molded my passion and dedication to the wedding industry. 
     Seeing the look on the bride's face when her vision has come full circle, that's why I love what I do. The opportunity to work with couples on such an important day is an honor. 
     I value integrity and honesty, which I bring to work each day, You can rely on me to be there for the ups and downs while we accomplish your dreams together. I look forward to meeting you and getting started! 

     Congratulations again! 

Wedding Curator

Ryan A. White

Floral & Decor Specialist

Ashli Acevedo

     Ok ladies! Strap in because the ride only gets more fun from here! 
     Ashli here! I'm your floral guru, the comic relief and chaos coordinator.
     Floristry is in my blood. My great grandmother, Alice Bevil, (our Sug) was the original owner of Bevil’s florist in Beaumont, Tx. Although she sold the shop before I came along her stories filled my childhood and her arrangements filled her house. Watching her create those pieces from random stems and seemingly mismatched tones and textures was a thing of beauty. Years and years later, Ryan recruited me to do the floral set for "My Fair Lady". Two months and hundreds of hours later this blank canvas became art and I fell deeply in love with this craft. When my mother saw it and said “Sug would be proud” I was hooked. I live for the journey in creating but seeing it all finally come together, that's the cherry on the top, honey!
     So, what can you expect from me? Tenacity, loyalty, positivity and honesty, and the occasional bout of sarcasm. I’ll do my best to get you what you want. Just remember Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration and imitation, exact duplication is near impossible and usually incredibly expensive. Trust the process, communicate, and let’s make your dreams come true!

Wedding planning should be easy, right? Doing it ALL ON YOUR OWN should be cake, right??

You'd think with the technology we have today and the "go get it" attitude of brides today that we simply could get it all done by ourselves. But in reality, things can get complicated, busy and sometimes even downright dirty. 

We want to alleviate the hassle and stress from you. We want this to be the absolute best experience of your life! LET US TAKE IT FROM HERE! You're in good hands hun'!

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